About the Project

The conversation around new motherhood is often glamorized and focused on the baby. This lack of truthful and holistic representation keeps the public unaware, and thus unempathetic, and leaves mothers feeling isolated and helpless.

As three designers with vastly different personal practices and no personal experience in motherhood, we are challenging ourselves to explore the uncomfortable, reflect on our insights and capture our own understanding of motherhood in mediums and forms that are familiar to us through a collection of expressive, multimedia micro-projects.

Through performative and emotional design explorations, we’re attempting to answer how far can we push ourselves as designers to gain more empathy and change our own lasting perception?

As you browse through Mommy-Issues, we encourage you to help us in bringing a more candid, empathetic voice to the conversation surrounding motherhood and that our own attempts to detangle motherhood inspires you to explore, question and reflect on your own perception of motherhood.

About Us

Guys i'm trying to write this bio!! Have you guys done yours?

Serina would usually describe herself as a design student, but since she’s about to graduate, visual designer is the new go-to. She likes really great branding work, InDesign and chocolate chip banana bread.

Yes, here's mine!

Maddie is a designer who loves using motion and color to visually excite and intrigue her audience. Outside of work, she spends her time drinking La Croix ;), reading, and investing in her church community.

Yep, Here's mine!

Anna is an industrial designer with a passion for drawing. Much of her work is around exploring abstract concepts through visuals and 3D forms. In her free time, Anna enjoys watching the groundhogs in her backyard, making the best scrambled eggs, and playing Sims 4.

Oooh, what if we include something about our moms also? And maybe a baby photo of us?

Lol yes, love that!

Serina’s mom, Shihong, likes Candy Crush, Le Creuset pots, is known for her incredible cooking and is disappointed that her daughter only really uses a microwave.

What a cutie!!

Maddie’s mom, Susan is a loving mother to five kids, she is the greatest cook of grilled salmon and smoked brisket, and she never tires of Face-Timing with her “big kids.”

Love it!

Anna’s mom, Karen is an artist and proud dog mother. She enjoys collecting obscure items such as ceramic frogs, metal turkey figurines, and beaded fruit (but it’s all “very tasteful!”).



A Big Thank You

A huge thank you to all the mothers that took time out of their busy days to talk to us so candidly about their experience. You guys are awesome and we appreciate you all, and all the mothers in our lives so much more because of it!