When I was in middle school there was this one song that would occasionally come on the radio during the drive to school. It was about two parents running away in the middle of the night when their kids were asleep. After a sigh my mom would turn to me and say, “you know, that’s how I felt when you and your sister were young, sometimes I just wanted to run away.” She’d then say how she never actually would abandon us, but on the bad days she would hold onto this secret fantasy of just.. disappearing. While I may not have appreciated her candor at the time, it’s always stuck with me.

I’d think about how my own mother—who is efficient, loving, deeply invested in her children and their happiness, and nearly always holds it together— no longer daydreamed about promotions or romances or lavish vacations, but of driving far enough away that she could simply exist, for a few moments, alone.

Lack of Control


Visualizing the unspoken fantasy of escape shared by mothers.

Upon typing the words, “mom wanting” into Google, the third most searched completion is “to run away.” Why is this desire left unspoken yet is so universally experienced/shared/understood? This video attempts to visualize the secret fantasy that so many mothers share— escape.

Designer(s): Anna