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I wonder how many young women walk into motherhood expecting it to “just happen,” without fully understanding the weight of what they are choosing for themselves.

Before all of this, I really didn’t think too much about the emotional strain that a mother experiences

yeah, I totally agree. I have so much respect for my mom now!

It’s interesting how becoming a mom is still very much assumed of women even though it's such a life altering decision.

Before doing this project I had never really felt the desire to have kids...

Has anything changed since this project? I have always expected that I would have children one day...

Weirdly enough, talking to women about all the horrible parts of motherhood was what made me soften to the idea. Just seeing them laugh about it and hearing women reflect on their own resilience through such unknowns.

I think the big influence is my own mother, seeing how much joy she gets from being a mom makes me want kids someday too!

I’m still not sure I can see my life with kids…

But guys, how do you even know when it’s the right time…? Minus the “ticking biological clock”, but more mentally. Are you ever ready?

No, haha. At least I don’t think I’ll ever be prepared for it, but it seems like no one really fully is, so that's at least a little reassuring...

I called my mom the other day and thanked her for making me thank her on every birthday I’ve had. She was confused. I was… thankful.

What made you think about that?

I’ve been super stressed lately and she sent me a text checking in. She was afraid to call in case she was disturbing me

It makes me sad to think that she’s dropped so many things for me and she doesn’t feel like it can be the other way around.

I’ve never flat out thanked my mom for having me, but now it’s something I think I want to do!

Speaking of which, I’m gonna go call my mom :-)

It's crazy to me that despite the tremendous weight of what becoming a mom entails, so many women decide to do it, and end up saying, “I have never regretted it.”

I do feel like a lot of women told us they had no idea what they were in for. I wonder if it’s because of a sort of “blissfully unaware” state that so many people are willing to take this jump.

Maybe I’m too pessimistic or young, but it’s hard for me to imagine giving up so much of my own life

I think about that a lot these days… I feel like I’m still too young to really get it, but I also know people my age with kids...





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