I actually had to reshoot a bunch of times and just resetting up the scenes and everything was frustrating, it made me really appreciate I didn’t also have a crying baby in the background, the heavy pressures of motherhood… only the pressure of hoping my Photoshop could export these gifs without telling me my scratch disk is full.

Obviously not the same, but with COVID-19 and being in quarantine, I find that there is a lot more monotony in my life since I’m basically following the same motions everyday (which is kind of driving me crazy)


Over and Over

Visualizing the monotonous nature of daily tasks in new moms’ lives

While having a newborn baby is one of the most exciting things to experience, the daily monotony of motherhood is consuming, exhausting and sometimes grays out the joys with boredom. The weight of monotony in a mother’s life also often makes it hard to find the energy and willpower to explore one’s own identity. This project is meant to visualize the buildup of these tasks, the reset and then the repeat. All gifs are looped and content is the same to emphasize that repetitive nature.

Designer(s): Serina