The only difference is that it feels like it makes so much less sense reading yours because I know how AMAZING you are. But it’s insanely relatable. I wonder if everyone thinks in this format… maybe we’re both just over thinkers…?

There’s a cyclical thing going on through this of like, a very genuine + vulnerable thought that immediately goes into a “get over it!” type statement, and it’s painfully familiar because my brain does the same exact thing.

I don’t think I’ve ever really told you how much I admire your transparency and devotion to your faith. I’m genuinely sorry if I’ve ever said anything or done anything that has made you feel like I was dismissing or insensitive to that huge aspect of your life.

It’s crazy to think that all 3 of us have so many overlaps and the level of closeness and intimacy I felt to you guys when I read them… and the level of nervousness I had having you guys read mine. You two are women that inspire me to be better. Luv u both :-( <3

The relationship comment… hahaha, I relate to that.

I love how, while in this piece you are so beautifully candid, you are also brave to challenge your thoughts and the societal perceptions that people may “hold over you”. I want you to know that you are so beautiful and talented, but what I appreciate about you most is your individuality and ability to shake off those societal expectations!

Societal Expectations

Society Says...

Attempting to recognize the unrealistic societal expectations placed on new moms through personal reflection

Centuries of a patriarchal society has created a culture embedded with countless myths around motherhood the ideal woman. While these attitudes have shifted through the years (link to history page) they are all but gone. Many of the mothers we’ve spoken to have told us of the numerous narratives they’ve felt they’ve had to embrace, from the unapologetically empowered “Warrior Goddess,” to the ”Super Mom” career woman and homemaker. In this project we sought to recognize the pressure to be perfect that new moms face through reflecting on/confronting the internalized expectations that we ourselves struggle/attempt to live up to.

Designer(s): Maddie, Anna, Serina