I wrote it first with all words in then went back and looked for places that could have flexibility. My partner was Harry Styles in my mad lib, FYI.

Trying to poke fun with a madlib template, but obviously there is not a one size fits all.

Our doula, Kathy McGrath emphasized the importance of using words like “we”, “team” and being honest when communicating with your partner.

Relationship Strains

Read My Mind

A digital interaction that mimics the feeling of not being in control and not being able to predict what is to come.

With the heightened stress in couples’ lives, wording becomes so important because when you’re sensitive and vulnerable, you tend to interpret things negatively. This project means to use a familiar and playful format to emphasize the importance of open communication, frequent check-ins and just being more aware of one anothers’ feelings, contributions, and sacrifices.

Designer(s): Serina