Doing this project I was reminded of when I go to visit my grandparents.. sometimes when it gets really busy and I get overwhelmed by visiting with the whole family, I go to their bathroom just to *breathe* for a second. It's one of the only places I can go where I can have my own space for a couple minutes.

I tried to do a downward facing dog in the tub, slipped and my only regret is that the self timer didn’t catch it

Cutting an apple on the side of a bathtub is definitely not ideal…

Making Sacrifices


Challenging the way we think about the bathroom.

A widely known fact is that new parents have no time. When asked to compare their free time before kids versus their free time after kids, most moms laughed, “I don’t have free time… now I feel relief when I can get a few minutes to look at my to-do list, free time is just about catching up.”

In this project we took some of our favorite day-to-day pastimes and brought them into the space that many moms may consider their only remaining sanctuary— where a locked door and no interruption is even still a construct/hope — the bathroom.

Designer(s): Anna, Maddie, Serina